Ajang Dumboo


Our neighbour in the Saboo village of Ladakh, Ajang Dumboo is an excellent farmer.Frequently we take our supplies from him as he grows the produces traditionally and without chemicals. Fresh vegetables like carrots, spinach and other greens, radish and labook, kholrabi, cauliflower and cabbage etc. are procured from his farm when the occupancy is high in the resort.

Apart from vegetables, he also provides us with the milk ( cows graze free and enough time and milk is given to the calf) and home made butter (oh! best butter till now) and we also forage on his fields for wild edible flowers and herbs. Occasionally I drop into his house for delicious skew that his wife makes and for “Chang” (a kind of brew made from barley). With him being around life has definitely been fresh and tasty!!


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