Damask Rose


Damask Rose is a very old strain of the rose variety. Humanity has cultivated this variety of rose since very long. Studies say that Damask Rose has originated from Central Asia. The name Damask Rose comes from the city of Damascus in Syria. The city of Damascus had been a major producer of this rose. Along with Syria, countries like Turkey and India are also leading producers of this rose.

Cultivation of Damask Rose

Often cultivated in farms, the bushes of these roses can grow upto 2 meters. The bushes are thorny and it is not that easy to navigate among the rows of the roses. The buds and the flowers grow in groups. The colour of the flower can range anywhere from light pink to pink to light red.

Culinary use 

Damask rose has got heady and pleasant fragrance. It is because of the fragrance that the flower is used for making Rose Water, Itra or Attar and Rose Oil. The petals are also edible and retain the fragrance even after dehydrating. Many of the central Asian cuisines have used rose and it’s sweet scent for flavouring their dishes. Turkish Delight, Pilaf, various nougats, rose tea….the list can go on long. Rose water and rose fragrance are used to flavour desserts, pilafs, biryani and drinks in Indian cuisine. Gulkand or Rose petal candy and Gulaab Jal are India’s unique and highly prized rose product.

Damask Rose in India

Damask Rose is cultivated in Pushkar and Ajmer region of Rajasthan in India. Professionally managed farms produce and supply the roses. There are small industries around the city which make rose water, rose oil, attar and gulkand and then sell it to other parts of the country.


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