Sea buckthorn Popsicle


Sea buckthorn juice popsicle

How to make Sea buckthorn popsicle

Choice of juice

Making sea buckthorn popsicle is one of the most easy thing that I have done. It doesn’t require any cooking, or heating or any complicated ingredient. In this recipe I have used stabilised sea buckthorn juice. If you don’t have ingredients or tools to stabilise the juice, then please go ahead with simple and freshly squeezed juice.

I prefer my popsicle to be tangy and natural tasting. This is the reason why I don’t cook the juice. Also, keeping the juice raw helps in bringing out the true flavour and aroma of sea buckthorn berries. If you are from a place where fresh berries are not available, then please don’t fret about it. Please go ahead and make the popsicle using canned juice. Yes, you will have to adjust the quantity of sweetener in the recipe. This is so because the canned sea buckthorn juice have got added sweetener in it, more often than not!!

You can flavour your popsicle

Yes!!! I like adding cumin to my popsicle. One tip- broil the cumin seeds and crush it roughly before adding it to the juice. Other options of flavourings are- fresh mint, toasted fennel seeds, rock salt, and wild sage. Go ahead and be as creative as you want to be. After all popsicles are suppose to be fun!!! Right???

What about other popsicles?

Popsicles are a fun treat for entire gang. These are easy to make and flavour options are endless. i believe that one should not limit himself or herself with just one or two flavours, but should go all wild while making popsicles. In my blog, I have mentioned about making fragrant damask rose popsicle. But the same recipe can be used to make other popsicles as well. For ideas on further flavours and ideas I usually refer to Pinterest. I have also found following links to be useful

Sea buckthorn Popsicle

Sea buckthorn Popsicle



  1. Mix stabilised sea buckthorn juice and sugar. Stir till the sugar dissolves.
  2. Fill in popsicle moulds and freeze over night or till it becomes rock solid.
  3. Take out of the mould and serve.
  4. note- If you are using canned sea buck thorn juice, then please taste it for sweetness and adjust the sugar accordingly to suit your palate


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