sous-vide stuffed zucchini flower

Sous vide- Stuffed Zucchini flowers


Sous-vide stuffed zucchini flowers

Sous vide stuffed zucchini flowers
Sous vide stuffed zucchini flowers

Sous-vide stuffed zucchini flowers is a fail proof and easy dish. I serve a variation of this recipe at my restaurant-“Syah” have kept sous-vide stuffed zucchini flower on the menu and have got good feedback also. This dish is prepared with two stuffings- Meat and cottage cheese . 

Fresh zucchini flowers

Fresh Zucchini flowers
Fresh Zucchini flowers

Having our own “chemical free” vegetable garden is a blessing. Out of several verities of vegetables that we grow- zucchini is one of it. Yes, we do use the “baby zucchini” but it is the flowers that we all wait for.

The tender and beautiful zucchini flowers, which are yellow to orange in colour, are pretty enough to mesmerise you. The challenge in front of us was to keep the subtle flavour of the flower intact and yet prepare the dish which is modern and true to the season and place.

I value simplicity a lot, so I started by the idea that- no matter what, this dish has to be simple and true to it’s nature. So, the most simple thing to do was to stuff the flowers with flavoured mince lamb. And next simple thing was to sous-vide it.

Stuffed Zucchini flowers

Cooking the stuffed zucchini flowers

I had realised that the flower has a very mild character and the lamb was fairly easy to over cook. So, we decided that we shall cook it Sous vide. After vacuum packing it we dipped it in a water bath which as maintained at 58 Degree Celcius. At the altitude of 13000 feet, it takes around 90 minutes to get cooked. In “Syah” restaurant we further batter cook it. But sous-vide stuffed zucchini flower is great to eat on its own with fresh cilantro and garlic chutney.


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